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Watch Online 18 June 2016 MTV Splitsvilla 9- Episode 2- Full on Video-
 MTV Splitsvilla 9- Episode 1 Highlights/Precap: MTV Splitsvilla is come back with new season. This season is all about women rule. In MTV Splitsvilla 9, 15 Boys contestants and 6 girls contestants are participated. First time history of Splitsvilla, there will be no king ruling in villa, only women can rule in this villa. Boys have no any power to dump any princesses. Once again sizzling hottie sunny leone is hosting along with dashing Rannvijay singha. In episode 1 of MTV Splitsvila 9, we have seen introduction of every single contestant. After, all boys are going to villa and that time six princesses are coming to villa. Princesses have power to save any four boys in villa. Three contestants Ishhan, Abhishek are going to dumping zone. In next episode, we'll see who going home and villa.
MTV Splitsvilla 9-Episode 2-18 June 2016 Written Updates: In second of MTV Splistvilla 9, we'll seen one task between. This task name is 'Kiss and smash". If Princess want boy to stay in villa then, she kissing on his face and if she don't want then, she smash cake on his face. Abhishek is stay in villa, Sushant and Ishhan are eliminated in second episode. After, we'll see "patate raho season" alongside the pool will see hot princesses in bikini. All princess are looking hot sizzling in bikini. Stay tune. We'll publish more update very soon. 
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Online Watch 18 June 2016 MTV Splitsvilla 9-Episode 2

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  1. What a bitch
    She just said all the men are dogs .
    What the fuck.
    She is reafferin to her family while saying that.
    How can she say something like that.
    I was a big fan of the show but i am never gonna watch it again.


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